r.kelly, folk style

I have a real soft spot for unusal covers. I’m hoping to put together a compliation of R.Kelly songs covered by folk artists. So far I have two:

Sam Amidon – Reflief (R.Kelly Cover)

Bonnie Prince Billy – World’s Greatest (R.Kelly Cover)

Submissions of other R.Kelly songs covered in a folk style are both welcomed and encouraged.

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bringing bloggin’ back yo

After a long time putting it off I recently revamped my art website (www.joe-simpson.co.uk), it’s now all neat and tidy and I’d quite like to keep it that way.  So this blog is supposed to be kind of an open scrapbook where I’ll write about projects in development, post new paintings and videos – and more realistically I’ll probably mostly be unloading a large helping of neurotic ramblings and concerns.  I did think about getting myself a Twitter, but remembered a history of bad text messages that suggest I’m not great at expressing myself in 120 characters and decided it may be best to stay clear.

In case you’re wondering where the title comes from, it’s taken from Dave Eggers’ book ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’.  I’ve been fond of the title for a while and thought it would be quite fitting.

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